Mixing of solvent based hues is performed by computer controlled system Inmaker. We produce required hues according Pantone guide or other requirements. Required hues will be delivered within 48 hour since received order. (see contact us).


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We supply cleaning substances for daily maintanence of anilox rolls and their expert cleaning by our workers. We offer possibility to clean rolls directly in print-press in customer or our premisses. This support includes measurement of ink transfer by anilox roll and optical check of anilox roll.

Usage of NaHCO3 for cleaning of anilox rolls using dry process allows it's surface cleaning without any damage (scratching). The cleaning process was developed by expert anilox roll manufacturers, and it originated from requirements and needs of users of print equipment. The major benefits of our cleaning system are:

- homogenous cleaning of whole roll surface using special cleaning nozzle. This nozzle is kept in radial direction and precisely set distance from roll surface.

- grid cells are not damaged by cleaning - fine particles of cleaning powder are used to remove dry ink from cells,

- it can be used for various kinds of rolls (variable length etc.),

- fast instalation of cleaning device and simple manipulation,

- possibility to control cleaning process during operation,

- low energy requirements and multiple usage of cleaning powder,

- ecologically friendly cleaning system – without any harmful or contaminating materials for environment.

Important advantage of this system is possibility to clean anilox rolls directly in our customer premisses without need to dismantle rolls from printing-press.

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The test laboratory is accredited for the tests of physical properties of pulp, paper, board and associated products. Important part of activities are special tests of sanitary products as napkins, lady towels etc. Also selected physical tests of other products, like plastic foils, are being performed.

Test laboratory activities are:

- tests specified by order within our expertiese for various paper industry organisation and others,

- standardisation jobs (acceptance of internationam norms into STN system, comments of proposed EN norms etc.)

- compartive testing ,

- organisation of courses and seminars oriented towards test methods,

- calibration of selected test equipment,

- maintenance and service of selected instruments and devices.

Tests of physical properties are being performed in airconditioned environment according to currently valid national, or international standards (EN, ISO), occasionally according to other standards (like TAPPI), depending on requirements of our customers. Several general properties are tested (tensile test, strength, tearing resistance), various tests by pressure (CMT, RCT, ECT, FCT), bending resistance, bending stiffness and resistance. Further test of surface properties are being performed (like smoothness or roughness, coeficient of friction), optical properties (whiteness, brightness, opacity), air permeability, water soaking etc. Particular group of tests are tissue paper tests. For sanitary products (napkins, lady towels) we apply special tests, important from the typical product usage point of view (absorption time and capacity). Color fastens, oudor, off-flavour (taint) is tested in materials designed to be in contact with food. During all tests the upmost attention is given to expertness, to fulfill all requirements of our customers. Quality of tests is given by usage of appropriate measurement instruments with quaranteed precision according to available standards in this field. Permanent quality of tests is quaranteed by applied and permanently improved quality control system. Strong attention is given to independence and credibility of results.


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